Nesbit Marketing was founded on the hard-learned principles that every industrial manufacturing company faces when marketing: Lack of Leads, Inconsistent Brand Recognition, and Incomplete Market Data. All of these combined, create the need for a specialized marketing secret weapon--Nesbit Marketing.  We all know that industrial marketing requires exponentially, more sophisticated solutions than consumer marketing. Industrial marketing requires a special focus on what have become our 3 core solutions: targeted lead generation, strong and strategic branding solutions, and intense--but usable market research (LEADS, BRAND, & DATA). We learned through our time running multi-million dollar marketing/advertising departments, inside industrial companies--and running industrial companies ourselves, that without dealing with these 3 key principles, a company will struggle to see the growth that their products and services deserve.

We know that running a company can be hard sometimes. Marketing is too often forgotten about or put on the back burner. We place it on the list of, "we will get to it next year"--or worse still, "we don't need it..." 
Understandably, budgets, personnel cost, head count, closing sales--and the day to day operations of running a company, can all drain the time that is required to run a successful, marketing campaign and a functional company at the same time. This typically results in a very "vanilla" marketing program that produces the bare-minimum of what could be. That's where Nesbit Marketing comes in.  We have the experienced staff, the vetted vendors, and the tested strategies to help effectively, streamline your company's marketing program. We present a huge benefit to your company so you don't have to worry about culture conflict, fully burdened employee costs, or sustainability problems. Nesbit Marketing is your rock.

We are here to help you achieve more, reach more customers, and quickly grow your organization. We want you to be able to have the tools and the time that you need to grow your company without the stress of trying to juggle marketing into the mix.

In the end, the choice is yours--use a consumer focused marketing firm (B2C) that doesn't know how to reach your customers--or get the supercharged industrial version, Nesbit Marketing--a specialized, industrial, B2B marketing company that understands what it takes to survive in the industrial sector.


Christopher Nesbit

Christopher's experience comes from his time as National Marketing Manager for a global machine tool 
manufacturer. There, he managed North America's largest, aggressive, 
multi-division advertising programs
and facilitated deep-market data collection and targeted lead production.

Deborah Stein
Content Development and Branding Specialist

With 25 years of industrial brand marketing experience, she’s been instrumental in many successful product launches and understands the impact of merging topnotch creative with compelling copy that resonates with the technical buyer.

Dave Levy
Industrial Marketing Strategist

Dave has vast experience in creating and managing marketing  programs for manufacturers. He has overseen the development of thousands of industrial web sites, sales brochures, and tradeshow exhibits aimed to build brands and generate leads.

Mike Brown
Web Development and
IT Specialist

Mike designs and builds best-in-class web sites from the front end to the server side. He also builds and maintains Linux and Windows servers from the ground up--including multiple sites and redundant services. His specialty is implementing inventory management systems.

Rick Magyan
Art Director

Rick is a creative designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Industrial Marketplace --skilled
in brand-building, visual design, concept development, digital retouching and skilled product photography.


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