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Do you have an upcoming meeting with a prospective client or want to include data into piece of marketing collateral? Nesbit Marketing can help. Whatever the application is, Nesbit Marketing can develop compelling info-graphics that will help to organize large data sets into concise and readable formats. Because we are a marketing firm, your company can count on Nesbit Marketing's data visualizations and without a doubt--your data will look great and remain true to the information it depicts.    

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Knowing what your company is up against in your prospective market can help you plan out board room battle plans. A competitor may look like they are successful with their branding on the outside, but are they truly primed for acquisition? Whatever the reason, competitive analysis is the best way to get crucial information. Nesbit Marketing has tools at our disposal that can help your company collect and analyze your competition.  

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One of the most powerful offerings that Nesbit Marketing can provide, is market research. Knowing what is happening in your industry's market, is a highly specialized--but necessary, task when a company's goal is to absorb market share.
Nesbit Marketing knows how and where to collect data and we will provide you with a report outlining things like market share and size--as well as, focused factors that affect buying decisions in the market and specialized mapping to illustrate areas of high customer potential. When your company receives their personalized market research report, it will be clear what your next steps should be.

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Are you more of a visual person? Nesbit Marketing is! Wouldn't it be great if you could see all of your company's prospects mapped out? Prospective Geographic Heat Mapping is a great way to visually understand where your current customers are! Which cities are going to give your company the most efficient sales routes? All of this is possible--and more. Nesbit Marketing offers detailed mapping of large contact data bases. Let us help you see where to go next!  



When it comes to websites, analytics data analysis is one of the most daunting tasks out there. The types of questions that analytics can answer are: How many people are coming to your website? Where are they coming from?  Are these real people or are they bots?
Do they need more incentive to convert?
Data is king. If you know and understand the data that is available to you, that data can be used to leverage your company. Drive more qualified leads--in greater numbers, through your company's website. 



A clear picture of who your company's best customers are can bring focus and less waste. Demographics help your company paint a picture of your perfect customer profile.Identify the customers that are making the most revenue for your company, as a well as, turning over the fastest sales cycles. Nesbit Marketing breaks down your company's existing customer base to identify key metrics and common denominators to identify exactly who is buying and metrics to focus on next. Once we know this, we can develop a stronger sales and marketing strategy. Let Nesbit Marketing help your company find your perfect customers!

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