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With an ever growing and increasingly connected social media world. Social media is prime to help you reach and engage thousands to millions of potential or existing customers. A semi-controlled 
platform to tell the world about your products and services. Paid social media campaigns are able to inject additional jet fuel by utilizing social advertising to reach out beyond your established network. By far
and large, one of the most cost effective brand awareness options available.  

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Public Relations is major part of building a brand that is trusted and self propagating. Press in particular is a very low cost and efficient way of getting in front of a customer without looking like you are just pushing fluff pieces. It allows an editorial agency to brag for you. Regardless if it is a press meeting or press release. Nesbit marketing can help you draft those critical press releases and help you develop a strong and proactive public image. 

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Your website is the most important tool that you have in your branding arsenal. It is the main source of organic and paid leads. It usually a channel for conversation. And you guessed it, one of the best places to build your brand. Websites are a very controlled environment. Reducing your risk of negative brand exposure to almost none.   Many times companies neglect their website. Make an ongoing commitment to keeping this Lead and branding tool clean and sharp. 



Strong photographic content tells your company’s visual story. Unfortunately, many companies do not realize that dated pictures of a machine (often generations old) are actually hurting potential customers’ perception. Quality, modern, organized, and clean images that showcase your company’s product(s), go a lot further than dark, grainy, photos that were taken on your flip phone.  Allow Nesbit Marketing to come in and do it properly for you. 

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Consistent branding is the one of the most important factors in building trust with your customers. If a company is lacking consistency—due to utilizing multiple logos, brands, or designs—customers notice. Nesbit Marketing can help your company plan out a strict color pallet, logo handling, and go-to templates—generally, get your company’s branding back under control. Our goal is to make your company’s branding as streamlined and simple to use as possible. Your company will no longer have to recreate letterhead every time you send out a new document or content. 

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Much like photography, potential customers expect high-quality and engaging video content. Once upon a time, videos did not matter. Now, videography and visual media account for a critical part of the research stage, early in the buying process. If your company can use videos to describe how a product or service can help a customer solve a problem, your company will dominate when it comes time to start engaging your customers. Nesbit Marketing has the experience to help your company plan, shoot, edit, and post high-quality videos.



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