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Five Reasons Why Twitter Matters

A real case can be made for Twitter when considering social media platforms for your company or brand. From its inception (March 2006), Twitter hosts a tremendous number of users. However, the argument is often made, behind closed doors, that Twitter users are not going to be "our customers." The hard truth is, that many industrial brands use Twitter. What's more, they also find incredible success with massive presence and low cost campaigns.

Here, we will discuss six of the reasons why Twitter adds major value to your social marketing:


The ability to connect with customers, prospects, and partners is one of the main reasons that Twitter is so widely used. The ability to have real conversations with this platform is endless. Many platforms have dying social engagement, leaving us feeling like we are just posting so people can see that we are alive. It wasn't always this way on platforms, like Facebook. Once upon a time, it was common to see threads full of comments. Sadly, these days seem to be dwindling. These posts don't start conversations like they used to. Twitter, in itself, demands it. If you are not active on Twitter, you will be left behind. If you are active, you will scale very quickly, outpacing paid advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you seek to speak with your customers or potential customers, Twitter is the answer.


In the industrial sector, when discussing social media platforms, Twitter is rarely spoken mentioned. Many times, we hear, "Our customers just don't seem like they would hang out on Twitter". The fact of the matter, is that there are thousands of US-based manufacturers and distributors on Twitter. If you have the ability to join Twitter, I encourage you to search, "manufacturing managers." Our guess, you will be surprised. The ability to market your brand in a niche, on this platform, is immensely powerful.


Twitter is a very transparent platform, allowing its users browse companies with little interference. However, it is very easy for prospects to follow you and receive fast updates. Once engaged, there are a variety of options for your audience, ranging from thank-yous to all-star shout-outs. A number of public chats also take place at regular intervals. Public interactions with one audience member, could result in 3-4 follows for your company. You see every move a user makes on the platform. Use this information to further target certain companies by engaging in a style that is natural to them. Essentially, this means that the transparency of Twitter is working to your advantage.


Things move very quickly on Twitter, with surges happening in a matter of minutes. Posts also hold a shorter half-life, allowing companies to post far more content, improving reach numbers and volume, dramatically. In order to take advantage of these variables, Twitter accounts need to be manned.This will help control the momentum, in your favor.


Twitter organically improves your follower base is. In many platforms, you are locked into your network, unless you pay to break out. Also, posting to groups or using hashtags, seems irrelevant. However, with Twitter, you have the opportunity to speak outside of your network, with relative ease. Hashtags and retweets expand your audience, in no time. Targeting your user base, grants follows from people in similar or equal industries. This is an excellent way to gain brand exposure where companies need it the most--with potential customers.


The reach of this platform is no joke. Young accounts (less than 6 months old), can expect 50,000 to 150,000 impressions in their first month, by simply, posting regularly and engaging with the feed. This far outpaces all other platforms, ten fold, when compared to paid or boosted posts on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Entering a new platform from scratch, can be daunting, though, a winnable game on Twitter. Posting regularly, engaging with the feed, and focusing a user base, are surefire ways to grow a successful, Twitter following. This platform affords many companies, with strict or non-existent, social media budgets, the option of a seat at the table. So, next time you discuss where to showcase your company or brand, consider Twitter as a very valuable option.

If you need help starting or jump starting your Twitter account, contact Nesbit Marketing with questions:


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