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7 Simple Ways to Use QR Codes

The world is moving faster than ever. We, as businesses, need tools to keep up with the constant demand for more information. This is where tools, like the QR code, come in. Despite being very similar, though a vast improvement over bar codes, QR stands for quick response. A QR code is a small (or large) black and white square image that can be generated and used to complete actionable items when scanned with a phone. They grant users instant access to coded information that can contain links, maps, data, phone numbers and documents, as well as, use in many other creative ways. 

Here are seven ways that you can use QR codes to interact with your customers:


One of the main uses for QR codes is to drive customers to your website. It is as simple as scanning the code and it will take the customer directly to any page that your company programs. This can be especially useful when attempting to send customers to a landing page, deep within your site. We all know how frustrating it can be to type in a long web address. QR codes help your customers steer clear of deal breakers when transcribing web addresses. They alleviate the need for making sure the spelling is correct or poorly placed hyphens in the web address. When you create a QR code, you will remove frustration and provide pertinent information in a quick and concise funnel.

Track a Campaign

An added benefit of utilizing QR codes in your physical and digital marketing strategies is the ability to track metrics.  Let's consider a unique QR code on a trade show graphic. These graphics are designed for a new branding campaign and you would like to see how well these compare to older branded graphics. If you use unique QR codes on both graphics, you are in a position to have comparable data between the two. This is a powerful way to ensure that you are constantly improving your marketing collateral.

Phone Calls

We all love a phone call from a prospect. It is by far the most effective way to convert a prospect into a customer. QR codes can be programmed to call your company, directly, quickly and effectively. This also ensures that no matter what, you are funneling calls to the appropriate places or people. Yet again, you are also able to measure the results, giving you the power of leveraged data.


This strategy is very similar to the phone call.  If a customer chooses to write you a quick

message, your company will instantly collect contact information from them. Remember, when someone sends you an email, typically, you are able to catalog name, company, email address, and possibly even phone number and website. This can be a valuable option for streamlining the process of sending you an email.

View the Business's Location

One popular feature in the use of QR Codes, is the ability to provide a prospect or a customer with map directions from their current position to your facility. This is completed with pre-filled map program data. The ability to quickly get map directions to your companies's facility is a big deal, let alone ensuring that your customer is finding accurate addresses and locations. Using QR codes to instantly provide the most current map is an incredibly powerful way to connect with a customer, showing them that you are prepared to make their life a lot easier.

Social Media

The use of QR codes in connection with social media is fairly, straightforward. It is possible to program the code to follow your company, check in, or like a specific post when scanned. The use of this technology, when coupled with social media, is only limited by your creativity.

Download a Document

Linking a QR code to a document download, makes it easy to quickly distribute detailed documents. A corporate overview brochure linked to a QR code on a business card has potential for application. A related case study linked to a QR code on a brochure is another option. Reducing the amount of collateral your sales team needs to carry around, will greatly improve their speed and response times. It also reduces the drag that a customer experiences when given an excessive amount of physical documents.

Overall, QR codes are an immensely powerful tool that can help your company streamline many different areas. QR codes simplify your workflows and increase conversion for a broad range of activities. Your prospects and customers will appreciate the consideration of their time by providing fast and effective channels to access the required information.

If you are interested in using QR codes in your marketing collateral, contact Nesbit Marketing:


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