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PPC Search Advertising: 4 Ways It's Useful

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a staple of many companies' advertising budgets. It's a strategy that can help drive traffic to your website or sales funnel by guaranteeing that you only pay for what you are receiving--in this case, clicks to a site or page. The thought is that rather than focusing on the exposure, just showing your name or logo, they go one step further, and offer to guarantee that you will you see results. This can be a tremendously valuable activity for companies working in the industrial sector. Pay per click campaigns are available in various forms. However, the most widely used is paid search listings on major search engines--Google and Bing being the most popular.

There are several reasons and benefits behind why so many industrial companies choose to use PPC. Below, we give four examples of how PPC, through Google and Bing, can help your company succeed.

Guaranteed top Placement on Search Engine Results

When a company utilizes PPC on search engines, like Google or Bing, the goal is to ensure that your company has the incentive to use their paid search offerings, rather than just relying on what you could achieve without it. Because of this, your advertisement could be (depending on relevancy and how high you are bidding) the first link that customers would see when they search a keyword that you are advertising. In any event, it will get your company on the first or second search page--either at the top or the bottom of these pages. It is very time consuming (but not impossible) to get organic listings on these pages. This is reason why so many companies use paid search.

Widespread Exposure:

There are also major exposure implications when using PPC. One of the major advantages to implementing PPC as a marketing tactic, is that you will receive thousands of impressions, even if you are paying for x number of clicks. This can work to your advantage in a big way. Traditionally, you might buy a digital banner ad for a month, typically, a graphic that has a short message about your product or company. Usually, these have no connection to clicks, just pure brand exposure. Google, in particular, offers to place banner ads on their display ad network through their paid search campaigns. These ads are still tied to clicks, so they are more effective at driving traffic while providing brand exposure--giving you more ROI.

Quality Traffic

Because you are essentially picking your customers while picking your key search terms for the paid search, you will receive targeted and quality web traffic to your site. This will allow you to set up sales funnels on your site, while maximizing leads from your investment. Again, reinforcing the ROI of the PPC ads.

Great for New Sites

PPC is a great strategy to drive fast, quality, traffic to your site when a website is new or re-launched. Many new sites struggle to get the traffic that their site deserves, because it takes time for search engines to rank the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a site. It also takes a long time for a site to reach enough content mass to get noticed or ranked by search engines. PPC provides a way to temporarily boost traffic, ensuring your site is being utilized and found, while you are working on ever-valuable SEO driving content.

Many companies know that paid search advertising ranks near the top of the list for the most effective lead generating advertising with high ROI. It also provides many companies with a strong strategy that is relatively low maintenance. Does your company feel like they are utilizing this great tool to it maximum potential to drive leads for sales? If you have questions, or need help with your pay per click search campaigns, reach out to us:

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