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The Power of Press Releases

Has your company realized the power of the press release? Have you seen articles that are written about a customer's relationship with the supplying company? Maybe a company received a lot of exposure from showcasing a new building or a product? These aren't ads--they are

highlighted stories in magazines with fully-detailed write ups. It's not just about being in the right place at the right time--it's about being proactive with your message and

transparent about your successes. These stories and articles most likely originated from a press release.

A press release is a pre-written document that gives an editorial team a strong synopsis of

current news pertaining to your company. Once written, they can be distributed not only to potential customers, but magazines and other media outlets. Usually, press releases are written in such a way that allows them able to be lightly edited, then released to printed or digital copy. Depending on the content, editorials and magazines will almost always post your article on their website or publish it in print media.

There are several reasons why press releases are so powerful.

The first, is that third-party word-of-mouth advertising is incredibly effective. Your company is not the only one pushing your message. The result is additional firepower from "social proof." In industrial marketing, social proof makes it clear to the prospect that you have support outside of your organization--for your products, services, or company. The target seed thought is," If it works for them, it might work for me." The goal with a press release is building brand exposure through a respected external voice. An advertisement has the connotation of a monetary transaction. An article, on the other hand, is educational—the later will always have more of an impact.

Second, a press release is an inexpensive option to utilize. It is a perfect solution to

create massive exposure and build value for your prospective customers. Your return on

investment could potentially be through the roof on a press release program--especially, when combined with other forms of exposure advertising.

Third, the relationship between press releases and niche magazines is symbiotic. Editorial and magazine companies appreciate press releases. It's fresh content for the magazine--they are always looking for more. This gives them a competitive advantage against other

magazines--while helping you build your brand. It also helps you reinforce your relationship

with the magazines in the event that you wish to purchase traditional advertising from them--

down the road.

Forth, press releases can be about anything that is news-worthy. Content might include highlighting the hiring of a new salesman. You could choose to focus on your operational prowess, by generating a story about your LEAN transformation and the results produced. Your options for content are endless--you should have plenty to talk about. Keep in mind, that it is important to stay focused on a few key-threads that will support your marketing and strategic initiatives.

Finally, you are potentially reaching massive audiences with this tactic. Typically, in industrial niche journals, you will see readership at or above 50,000. Three or four magazines, at this user base, will be looking at an audience that is about a quarter of a million sets of eyes--per press release.

The trick with press releases is to keep them rolling. That way, you will maximize the amount of exposure with minimum gaps. We challenge you to publish a story every month for a year--we guarantee that your name will be getting around. Also, make sure that your press release is about the most interesting topic available to you.

Press releases are one of the most powerful activities in your marketing arsenal. If utilized

effectively and frequently, your company will start to experience a huge increase in your exposure and brand messaging. Never forget, that word-of-mouth is the most effective way to get your word out--give them something to talk about. Contact Nesbit Marketing today with questions about public relations:


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