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The Science Behind Trade Shows

Are you getting what you want out of your trade shows? Trade shows are a consistent, though often, an expensive process for generating solid and qualified leads. This week, we will break down some latent factors, typically not considered by many companies. These factors are massively powerful opportunities for your company and chances are, your company isn't tapping into their potential. Let's take a moment to consider how they affect the outcome of your efforts. Is your company lacking exposure? Often, in a matter of days, a trade show can expose your company's brand through a unique, visceral, and memorable experience to thousands of focused and qualified prospects. The experiences that a prospect has while interacting with your company at a show, will have a lasting impression. This impression, good or bad, could make or break your future interactions with a customer. To maximize this, and future interactions, it requires a firm understanding of not only your company's brand, culture, messaging, strengths AND weaknesses inside your company--it must follow strict rules of brand compliance. This is often something that many companies struggle with as they are trying to inject creativity into their booth. Brand compliance and consistency are instrumental in the success of your exposure at a show.

Arguably, one of the most prominent features of a company's participation at a show, is the booth. The booth contains several moving parts that are all working together to connect with a customer--as they fly through the show at 60 miles an hour. The structure that you erect, illustrates your company's prowess. Size, shape, and graphics, literature, samples, and possibly, the equipment itself, are all part of this complex equation. The quality of the craftsmanship and cohesiveness of any one of these impacts the perception of strength and health of your company. The better these factors are designed and executed, the smarter the perception that your company will hold in a prospect's mind.

The impression on the customer is psychologically technical--therefore, an immense amount of strategy should be going into your trade show activity. Did you know that not all locations at a trade show are created equal? If you have ever had a booth near a wall, in front of a bathroom, stairwell or pillar--you know what we are talking about. Everything from location, to size of the booth, to proximity, all play a major factor in how well your trade shows will generate leads. You may have incredible products and services, but if your trade show strategy is lacking--you will be missing out. Your booth should be as large-and-in-charge and front-and-center, as possible. Logistics play a large part in the ramp up to the execution of a productive and successful show. Your company must ensure that utilities, transportation, and housing are all dealt with effectively--this has to be a priority. In order to maximize the efficiency of the sales staff, reducing the stress of a trade show is a necessity. Your sales staff's focus should be on selling.  Their focus should not be on a booth that is missing pieces, broken, or wrong when you get to the show. Creating a branded environment that is consistent with your company culture, is no easy task. However, if you demand excellence, cohesiveness, and respect at a show, your booth will be full and your sales people will be cutting deals--instead of corners. Contact Nesbit Marketing to manage your next trade show.


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