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Social Media: Immensely Effective Tool For Growing Your Brand Awareness.

By now, we all know what social media is. The important question is, why is it so important for industrial companies to keep active and rich social media platforms? The answer is simple: exposure, positioning, and information dissemination. Just this year, social media network use tops 3.5 billion users worldwide with a 70% penetration rate in North America. This represents a compelling argument for the use of social media and the ability to connect with your base.

Industrial marketing is arguably different from traditional marketing. Your first instinct is to post pictures of your products, laden with all the most advanced features--and you should, periodically. However, it's far better to showcase what makes your brand an ideal fit with your prospective client's needs. This could be anything from your staff, events, special projects, best work, to company culture. When it comes to social media, your content should reflect the social side of your company--not just the products. The goal on social media is to educate and entice them into sharing and engaging with your brand to increase exposure and awareness.

Information should be fluid on social platforms--never pausing due to a lack of content. You should have a battery of information on hand before firing up a social campaign. The posts should just keep flowing-- they should never appear forced. Any lapse in your social activity will signal a struggle to create value. It is far more acceptable to recycle or reword content and re-utilize it to maintain consistent activity, rather than suffer the consequences of a social media blackout. A blackout can profoundly disrupt the customers discovery process with your company. Chances are, you won't catch someone's eye with every post, so you need to test different voices, images, and call to actions. This combined with the metrics and statistics that social platforms provide, will establish which content your base is interacting with best. The ability to command a massive and targeted captive audience is within reach--providing you with incredible exposure and offering the chance to have an open forum with your user base. You are able to collect buyer feedback or control the narrative. Social is an immensely powerful tool--the most important factor is, how you use it. Social media works a lot like digital word of mouth—still the most effective form of marketing in history. Head to Nesbit Marketing with questions on how to improve your social media campaigns:


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