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Proactive Prospecting: A Great Way To Grow

Are you thinking about how your company will make its next growth move? Do you get frustrated with too few incoming leads? Are you feeling like you are constantly dumping money into the marketing hole, with a relatively low inflow of leads or contacts to show for it?

Do you have contact info for all of your company's potential clients? Are you proactively building a targeted list--specifically, developed to show you a complete and organized database of contact info, demographic metrics, and market-graphing?

Chances are, as you're reading this, you're getting that knot in your stomach--you're not alone.

Many industrial companies are lead driven--with a longer than average sales cycle. Affected by everything--from the technical aspects of your product, up to the installation and training. This can mean that the growth rate of your customer base can have natural attrition. Especially, when using less proactive lead cultivating practices. Long term--this is a problem.

If you are an industrial B2B business owner, general manager, or sales manager:

You should know your options!

It is possible to get a data driven list of your potential customers--tailored to mirror your existing customer base. These can put you back into the driver's seat with your sales and marketing channels.

With some of the lowest cost per contact(s) in marketing--this can be a lethally effective sales strategy. Many companies are missing the ability to significantly and proactively drive your top-line sales revenue and sophisticated selling and marketing tools--that your competitors may already be using.

Contact Nesbit Marketing with any questions about targeted contact lists:


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