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Maximize ROI By Recycling Great Content

Too often we hear that a company needs to constantly create new content to survive. If you can afford it, great. However, one of the best kept secrets in marketing, is rolling one form of content into multiple formats and platforms. This means that you can produce faster and generate more value and exposure for the company--with just one investment. For example, your company invests in a photo shoot. You will be able to utilize those photos on your website, social media, videos, advertising, brochures, and supply them for editorial use down the road. It doesn't stop there--you may need your photos for trade show graphics or showroom banners or a variety of other projects. Let's consider another useful example: say your company decides to do a video of "Process X" on "Machine Y." You take a full days' worth of footage. to get a one-minute piece. This a very specific application, right? It's not that simple--video is not as rigid as you might think. You could start by remixing that video with other videos of your building(s), a few shots of your staff working, and a testimonial (from your best customer)--all with a voice over talking about your company culture. This would have massive impact on your prospective customers and your company would be saving time and money because you already had the content. Generating written content is very time consuming--especially, if each piece is truly unique. When you are preparing the ideal blog post of about 900-2000 words, 3-4 times a week-- this can eat up a mountain of time. Not to mention, transcribing it to a social media post and email blasts. Why not write the blog post (your largest piece), then share it via link to social media, and copy paste into an email blast? You will be freeing up your staff or an agency to redirect that time to additional projects. In either case, you are maximizing your ROI.

As long as the marketing collateral matches the criteria of the project, you are getting additional mileage out of each investment. We know that many companies are apprehensive about spending money on things like photo shoots and video production--let alone marketing. This is usually the result of not thinking beyond the immediate need. Marketing agencies know that they can and need to get the most mileage out of every media asset investment--especially, if they are going to get those investments again, in the future. Anytime a company can provide established and tested content, costs drop dramatically--and we know what to do with it. Nesbit Marketing knows how to plant seeds for large media verticals. Get in touch today to see how we can help you with a more efficient content marketing program:


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